Getting Close

All week I had been anticipating and preparing for this morning’s run.  My training schedule had me running 20 miles today and I was ready and eager.  I took off early in the morning and completed a 12 mile loop, stopped off at the house to refuel, and Kendis joined me for the remaining 8.  What a pleasure it was to run with my wife!  It made the last 8 miles go by quickly and it was exciting to see her come so far over the past few months as she trains for her first half marathon in October.

As people learn that I am running the Chicago Marathon I often get the response, “the only time you will see me running is when someone is chasing me!”  The things we do, we do because we are motivated to do them.  For me, I am running for more than just my health and for the accomplishment.

I run because many have to walk miles.

What do I mean?  Millions in Africa have to walk miles and miles just to get clean water.  By running the Chicago Marathon for Team World Vision, I am helping provide clean water for an African village.  When ever I am tempted to give up because I’m tired or my bed is nice and comfy at 4:30am, I remember those that I am helping have no bed, have no water and ice coming out of a stainless steel refrigerator, have no power drinks, energy bars, or simply basic food and running water.  If you would like to join me, I’ll do the running if you will help donate.  Check out my Team World Vision page HERE and discover how you can help.

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