Team World Vision

Team World Vision

I am running the Chicago Marathon on October 9th with Team World Vision to help change lives in Africa. The needs are great, but I believe there is something we can do!

I picked up running in 2006 when I joined my wife in daily workouts.  What started as a chore soon became enjoyable.  I was averaging 12-15 miles a week with the occasional 6 mile run on a treadmill.  I never really considered myself a runner, only a guy who goes out an runs a little.  On July 4, 2008 I found myself running in the middle of the summer on a holiday.  It was in the middle of my 4 mile run that I had this odd notion of running a marathon.

Me, run a marathon?

I gave myself 7 years, till 2015 when I turn 45 years old, to complete a marathon.  I figured that was enough time to work up to it.

Kids in HaitiIt took running two half-marathons to convince me to try for the full.  As I was leaving my second half marathon in Nashville, I couldn’t help but to be envious of those continued on where I finished.  After a year of injuries, I was determined to start with a big one, the Bank of America Marathon in Chicago.  So at the age of 40 I completed my first marathon, something I never dreamed of doing just a few years before.

While competing in a major race has it’s personal benefits, my heart is to make running more than simply crossing the finish line.  That?s where Team World Vision comes in.

I’ll handle the running, but will you make a donation on my behalf?

World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.

Will you make a tax-deductible donation to support my efforts? Together we can help change lives in Africa.

Click HERE to go to my personal World Vision Team page.

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