Why Clean Water?

Because nearly 1 billion go without it every day

Funds raised by Team World Vision team members help provide access to clean water for communities in Africa and around the world.

You can help provide clean water by sponsoring me as I run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

No access to clean water cripples communities

In the developing world, women and children walk an average of six kilometers to collect water for their families.

The journey to and from the nearest well takes hours. And much of it is spent carrying a heavy jug of water.

A majority of these women and children’s time is spent getting water. They could otherwise be working at their house, building a small business, or going to school. But instead, the lack of clean water causes poverty to persist.

Poverty isn’t the only result of inaccessible water. The water that women and children walk hours to get is often dirty and diseased.

No clean water and poor sanitation = disease and death

Families drink dirty water because it is all they have. They need it to survive. But dirty water and poor sanitation are also killing them.

  • 4,200 children die each day from dirty water.
  • Infections from poor sanitation and hygiene affect 2 billion people.
  • 3.75 million people die each year from water-related causes.

It’s clear. When a person doesn’t have clean water or a latrine, the bacteria in dirty water and sewage shortens their life span, threatens babies’ survival, and causes diseases like malaria.

You can help provide clean water

The money you raise helps fund water and sanitation projects in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Haiti.

When you dedicate your race to helping communities gain access to clean water, you also help provide hope and a future. Read more about the Impact on Africa and the Impact on Haiti .

It’s easy to get started.  Donate today.


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