Your Impact in Africa

Clean water helps end the cycle of povertyYou can help provide lifesaving water for communities in Africa.

When you join Team World Vision, your impact is real. You help provide clean water in Africa: a basic necessity that impacts all areas of life.

When a community gains access to clean water:

  • Child mortality rates drop by half
  • Children can attend school instead of looking for water
  • Women can care for their families instead of gathering water
  • The amount of disease decreases
  • Crops and livestock thrive

Exactly How Your Money Helps

Your generous donations enable communities in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia to:

  • Install large-scale water piping systems
  • Dig clean water wells
  • Install latrines
  • Learn proper sanitation practices to prevent disease

Read How People’s Lives Are Being Changed

Rosemary, Kenya

Rosemary used to walk barefoot to collect water for her family every day. “I feel very tired,’ she said.

Now, because of a water system World Vision helped build in Rosemary’s community in Kenya, her family has a tap in their yard. Instead of walking for water, Rosemary can attend school and tend the garden.

“Now I feel happy,” she said, “Because I don’t have to get water from there.”

Rosemary lives in the Marich Pass community and benefits from this large-scale water project:

Nicolas, Kenya

In Kenya, eight-year-old Nicolas spent hours every day gathering water. He walked to a muddy river bank, dug deep into the dirt, and scooped out the water he found underground.

All this to provide a few liters of water for his six brothers and sisters-water that wasn’t even clean.

World Vision has been working with Nicolas’ community to provide clean water throughout the area. Nicolas can now turn on a clean-water tap right across the road from his house. Standing at the muddy bank where he used to find water, Nicolas said, “Thank you. We will not have to walk to this place again.”

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